Desire Lines

in production

Branko obsessively trails his brother, trying to fathom his unusual behavior, but realizes he is the strange one, an observer, an apparition. Branko keeps walking and leaves the city behind, crossing landscapes and borders on his way to a place where everyone and every thing has a story to share.


Director and Writer

Dane Komljen


Natasa Damnjanovic and Vladimir Vidic – Dart Film


Marc Thelosen – Serious Film
Armin Hadzic – Marletti
Zsuzsanna Kiràly – Flaneur Films

Technical information

Serbia, The Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany

Funding provided by

Film Center Serbia
Hubert Bals Fund / Netherlands Film Fund
Sarajevo Ministry of Culture and Sport
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Experimental

Bio/Filmo Dane Komljen

Dane Komljen, born in 1986 in Banja Luka, SFR Yugoslavia. He studied cinema and art. His first feature, All the Cities of the North, premiered in 2016. Afterwater is his second feature. He works and lives in Berlin.