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Projekt will depict the site of the Lagos Trade Fair as a transhistorical conglomerate of different perspectives by becoming itself a space of encounter and collaboration.


Director, Writer and Editor

Dane Komljen


Zsuzsanna Kiràly

Technical information

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Funding provided by

FFA Filmförderungsanstalt

Bio/Filmo Dane Komljen

Dane Komljen, born in 1986 in Banja Luka, SFR Yugoslavia. He studied cinema and art. His first feature, All the Cities of the North, premiered in 2016. Afterwater is his second feature. He works and lives in Berlin.

  • Afterwater, feature film (2022)
  • Phantasiesätze, short film (2017)
  • All the Cities of the North, feature film (2016)
  • All Still Orbit, short film (2016)
  • Our Body, short film (2015)
  • A Surplus of Wind, short film (2014)
  • Tiny Bird, short film (2013)
  • Bodily Function, short film (2012)
  • I Already am Everything I Want to Have, short film (2010)